Cost, Payment & Financing

Windows Replacement & Installation: Crunching the Numbers

How Much Do Windows Cost? Is Installation Expensive?

Homes are like people; they’re all different. Even two identical homes, built the very same year, sitting directly next to one another, can present two very different installation scenarios. Because of this, WindowStrong provides free, no-pressure consultations. We want to talk about your needs, find the best option to meet them, and remain well within your budget, which is something we can only accomplish by meeting with you and viewing your home.

Worried about a price increase? Don’t. That’s because all of our offers are rock solid, and are guaranteed to never increase—with the exception of additional work discovered during installation (e.g. rotted wood). Even after you’ve signed your contract, you have a full 3 days to think it over. If you’re not feeling good about it within that time, you’re free to cancel without any further obligation.

A big part of our pricing model relates to our number one choice for windows: CDI. This is because CDI windows provide an immense amount of quality, including a lifetime warranty, at an immense value. We pass these savings on to you, so that you can enjoy high-quality windows at an affordable price.

Payment Options

Depending on your specific project, deposit amounts range between 30% and 50%, which can be paid using cash, check, or credit card. The remaining balance will need to be paid in full on the day of installation.

Please note: If paying by credit card, there is a 1.5% fee. Our bank actually charges us 3%, but we’re more than happy to cover half. However, if a contract is cancelled after payment has been made, the customer is responsible for the entire 3%.

Need Financing?

If you’re in need of financing, we can connect you with a reputable lender. Please contact us at (206) 914-7075 for additional information.